Jeff will hold a limited number of intimate mastermind sessions to help business owners and entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Masterminds will be a full two day session, and will be limited to a maximum of 16 people per session.

Mastermind Dates and Locations:

  • Chicago, April, 2019
  • New York City, April, 2019
  • Los Angeles, March, 2019
  • Orlando, May, 2019

In the Mastermind session, Jeff will examine your individual business personally, and will lead you through a series of workshops and whiteboard sessions focused on the following areas:

  • Talent attraction, motivation, compensation, and retention
  • Leadership skills for you for tomorrow’s workforce
  • Brand shaping to turbo charge your brand
  • Identifying your company’s “gold medal” product or service
  • Creating “concentric circles” of marketing for your business
  • Developing true “customer personas” to focus your marketing
  • Employing the “second slide” method for exponential sales growth
  • Creating a “corporate vocabulary” and refining your messaging
  • Additional topics will be added based on your specific needs

In addition to Jeff’s expertise as an entrepreneur, CEO, and business owner whose companies have scaled globally and generated billions of dollars in revenue, you will have the total brainpower of the Mastermind group taking turns giving input to your business, an exercise that will surely generate innovative new ideas for you to take away from the sessions.

These limited Mastermind slots are first come, first serve, and will fill up quickly, but the value you will receive for your investment and time will far exceed the cost.


Jeff will host a series of one-day workshops across the country, with seats filled on a first come, first served basis. These workshops will focus on Keys to Success for Entrepreneurs. Whether you are just starting a company, or you have an existing company that is already doing well but you want to grow it, this workshop is for you.

Workshop Dates and Locations:

  • Chicago, April, 2019
  • New York City, April, 2019
  • Los Angeles, March, 2019
  • Orlando, May, 2019

Jeff has spent his whole career launching companies and growing them. He has started companies that went from nothing to generating billions in revenue, and has scaled businesses across the globe. In this workshop, Jeff will share not only his own tools, tips, and techniques, but lessons learned from the time he has spent with some of the world’s most successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and more. Jeff’s workshop is filled with anecdotes and actual stories of how real companies used the ideas he is presenting to generate massive results. This workshop is designed to help you launch and/or grow your idea or business into a large and profitable venture.

In the workshop you will learn about the following valuable topics:

  • Idea generation and idea harvesting
  • Jeff’s own proprietary technique called “Info-Sponging”
  • How to conduct “Blue Sky Sessions” for wide open ideation and innovation
  • Customer intimacy and customer immersion
  • Narrowcast marketing for accelerated sales growth
  • The power of “concentric circle” marketing
  • Team building, talent attraction, and talent retention and motivation
  • Systems and processes required to achieve true scale
  • Finding your “gold medal” talent/product
  • And much more…

Jeff’s workshops always include ample time for questions and answers, and the knowledge you will gain in this workshop will be practical, applicable ideas that you can begin using the minute you get home.